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If Your Mother Knew You Were Surfing These Sites, She Would... 

Be Proud.
Literary Trivia Quizzes
The Literature Network
Modern American Poetry
New York Times Book Review
UPenn Digital Library
great writing resource
The Official Website of the New England Patriots
Get Your Learn On
Biographies of the Space Shuttle Columbia Crew



Look at You Funny.

College Grad Job Hunter
Subversive Penguin
234 Studios
Supersonic Tenth Chords and Such
Apathy and Self-Identity
Sweat Flavored Gummi
My Slice of Heaven
B.Beaucher artwork

Shake Her Head and "Tsk"

Make Your Own South Park Character
Interesting Essay about Fight Club, the Movie
The Brunching Shuttlecocks
Television Without Pity
Odd Todd's Daily Fact.
Warning Signs of Martha Stewart Disease
Flame Broiled: Diary of a Disgruntled Burger King Employee
Butts Across America
Some Bitchin' Ebony Magazine Ads from the 1960's
Huge Library of wav Files
Visions of Jesus Christ. Dot Com.
Singing Horses
Past Life Analysis
Read all about J.Lo's Nipple Tweaker
The Martian Federation
The Oregon Vortex
Anomalies Unlimited
Joke University
Give Back the Statue of Liberty!
Bob Jones University
Evil Exposed
Liberty University
Be My Anti-Valentine
Haunted Locations
What Happens if you get Struck by Lightning?

Report you to the Government

The Onion
BBC News
The Daily Show
Landover Baptist
The Democratic Underground
Political Humor 
Iraq Body
Drudge Report
The Smoking Gun
Ann Coulter, Goddess of Freedom
The Guardian Unlimited
Seditious Buttons
Pravda Russian News
The Nation
Was 9/11 a Conspiracy?
SUVs Suck!!
Guide for Surviving the Dubya Years
Ultra Cheap, Tax-Free Cigarettes
Without Sanctuary: A Photographic History of Lynchings in the South
Read about an American Activist Brutally Killed in the Palestinian Territories
Read about the only female Congressional Medal of Honor Winner in history--and why her medal has been taken away.

Disown You

Steak and Cheese
The Lowest Common Denominator
Asylum Eclectica
Crime Library
The Darwin Awards
Tucker Max
T Shirt Hell
All About Taxidermy
The Shy Girl's Guide to Becoming a Whore
Evil Women
Great Vomits of the 20th Century
Gonads and Strife
Gratuitous Squirrel Porn
Jerry Springer Official Site
Masturbation Horror Stories!!
The Mad Revisionist
Miss Gothic Massachusetts
Anti-hero Art: A White Trash Museum
My Miserable Life: A Compendium of Suffering
Pludie--I'm not even really sure what this site is supposed to be.
Isolitology:The study of oddity on the Internet
More Yo Momma jokes
Strange Sisters: Adventures in Lesbian Pulp Fiction
Weird Recipes
Sister Taffy's Friends of Baby Jesus
Big Scary List of Atheistic Quotations at Positive
Guide to Demon Possession Spanking Techniques
Free Thought Today
The Skeptic's Annotated Bible
Chick Tracts
Jeffrey Dahmer fan site?!?!?
Interview with an unrepentant necrophiliac



Death and Dementia: Morbid Links